ST Projects relates mainly to civil engineering works, project management and restoration. Over the years, St Projects has been entrusted with a number of major projects including the St Business centre, Azur Hotel by ST Hotels, Moroni Hostel and the Bring Hostel which were executed for Group companies and third party clients.ST Projects capitalizes all its achievements and ongoing projects under one roof and ultimately offers an insight to the companies capabilities, creativeness and its ability to adapt to provide the best possible outcome and solution for each project.

Residential Projects 

St projects is well known for providing the community with modern and attractive properties that enhance the development of local spaces which contributes to improving the areas touristic value.

Commercial Projects

Being one of Malta’s leading construction companies has led to the completion of several large commercial projects around the Island. St projects was entrusted by multiple prominent organizations in different industries for large scale ventures.

Future Projects

St projects is always striving to offer the most innovative solution to its clientele. St projects is continually expanding its construction portfolio in order to gain a further understanding to the ever-evolving construction industry.

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